The National Student Travel Foundation (Malta) – NSTF - is an organisation with a philanthropic dimension founded in 1977 by a special resolution taken at an Extraordinary General Meeting convened by the University Students’ Council (KSU) for all University Students who collectively resolved to grant the sub-committee responsible for travel and exchanges within KSU full separate economic and legal existence so that NSTF be created. NSTF that is directly in touch with a number of Maltese students through the various educational programmes it organizes each year strives to provide a unique non-formal educational experience. 

The main objective of the Foundation is in fact: “The direction and development of educational, cultural and social travel and exchange for students, scholars and youth at all educational levels in the nation, the expansion and improvement of services and promotion of a better understanding on an international level”.

NSTF’s prominent programmes include the NSTF Mini European Assembly, NSTF Science programmes and the NSTF Malta Student Psychology Forum. These programmes complement the educational efforts of local primary, secondary, post-secondary and tertiary educational institutions. All educational programmes on a national level are held on a non-contributory basis for students.

The Foundation also encourages young people to travel and participate in international events, as NSTF believes that travel experiences are an integral part of one’s educational process and a way to engage in society through these local and overseas experiences. NSTF is in contact with many youth NGOs overseas, such as MILSET (Mouvement International pour le Loisir Scientifique Et Technique) and its members, the Model European Parliament Foundation, and others, through its participation in various EU sponsored Youth Exchange programmes and European / International events.

NSTF also executes deeds of a philanthropic nature associated with the restoration and preservation of Malta’s cultural heritage. 

NSTF assists students to further their full-time tertiary education overseas through the NSTF Student Travel Bursaries Scheme and awards secondary schools students for particular initiatives taken among their companions and in extra-curricular events through the NSTF Prize for Initiative. 


1977 – deed setting up National Student Travel Foundation (Malta) – NSTF

1978 – education: medical & general students international travel bursaries/scholarships - annual awards

1979 – heritage restoration: Addolorata Chapel stained glass window

1980 – education: prize for initiative among secondary school students – annual awards

1983 – heritage restoration: Medieval Chapel of San Mikiel is-Sincir l/o Rabat

1984 – science: London International Youth Science Forum – annual participation

1984 – heritage restoration: Is-Salvatur – statue at new seminary Tal-Virtu’

1985 – heritage restoration: Cassarino (1582-1637) & Zimech (1692-1766) paintings at Duluri Chapel Pieta’

1985 – arts: Muzikafest youth & music festival – annual 2 week long event  

1989 – education: Mini-European Assembly – annual simulation of Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly

1991 – education: United Nations Volunteers focal point representation - appointment

1994 – science: Malta Science Student Forum – annual competitive debating forum

1995 – heritage restoration: study on prestigious Ciro Ferri monstrance & artefacts - St John’s Co-cathedral

1995 – education: Moot Court – student simulation of international court case

1997 – science: European Union Contest for Young Scientists representation

1998 – heritage restoration: Matteo Perez d’Aleccio, The Baptism of Christ – St John’s Co-cathedral

2000 – science: week long exhibition of interactive scientific experiments for school children

2002 – science: primary school children contest of artistic representation of scientific concept -annual

2002 – science: Contest for young secondary school scientists – annual

2002 – science: Expo of science projects & accompanying student presentations to school children – annual

2003 – science: MILSET Mouvement International pour le Loisir Scientifique et Technique - membership

2004 – education: Mini-European Assembly – extended to simulate European Parliament committee preparatory meetings

2006 – science: Little Scientists' Village of interactive scientific experiments for school children – annual

2006 – science: Expo Science Mediterranean – international expo of student scientific projects

2008 – heritage restoration & education: Mattia Preti, Sta Caterina d’Alessandria, expert public lectures, student workshops & scholarships

2010 – heritage restoration: Mattia Preti, St James the Less – St John’s Co-cathedral

2013 – education: Mini-European Assembly – annual simulation of European Parliament with Council of Europe influences

2013 – science: international contest for discovering science through photography - annual

2013 – science: Contest for primary school scientists in higher classes – annual

2013 – science: partner in Google Science Fair

2014 – science: partner in SchoolLab - secondary school students science communication contest - annual

2014 – science: partner in FameLab – tertiary level students science communication contest - annual 2014

2014 – science:  Gozo expo of science projects by Gozitan students

2014 – education: European Parliament’s European Youth Event, Strasbourg participation of Alumni

2014 - education: Celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the NSTF Mini European Assembly at the Grandmaster's Palace (Valletta)

Focus Areas

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  • NSTF Prize for Initiative >

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  • NSTF Cultural Programmes >

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