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My experience in Malta Student Science Forum was one which aided my growth in many different aspects. Throughout the programme, I had to prepare my own presentation together with my partner James on a physics topic which was definitely beyond our comfort zone. However, we were motivated to face the challenge head on and worked on our research for weeks to be able to deliver a satisfactory presentation. I was able to build on my public speaking greatly as even throughout other sessions we were made to ask questions to and debate with other participants delivering presentations. Such benefits made the experience a win on its own, however having placed second we also got the opportunity to be part of the International Wildlife Research Week throughout which I trekked the Alps and wrote a scientific report based on the work I did on the inhabitants of the running mountain water. Due to the very fulfilling experience MSSF provided me with I was  more than happy to join the Science Coordination team the following year when the opportunity presented itself. I helped in organising the programme which gave me certain responsibilities and I gained a lot of satisfaction from seeing different students grow very much in the way s I did the previous year.  I would definitely recommend joining any of the NSTF programmes as they go beyond that done in the classroom, and provide students with many different skills. 

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